Our range of fine English and European antique bracket and mantel clocks date from the late 17th to 19th centuries. We stock examples by the great London makers but also the finest quality clocks by provincial makers. Clock cases were made in a range of woods with ebony, walnut, and mahogany the most popular, although marquetry inlays, satinwood and rosewood were widely used. Dials may be brass, silvered, enamelled or painted.

The name Bracket clock may have come into use as many clocks were originally supplied with a wall bracket, but they were also placed on tables or chests of drawers.

The early 19th century saw the emergence of the high quality smaller clocks suitable for the mantelpiece or side table. The British favoured the mantel clocks with a wood case whilst the French preferred more stylish decorative ormolu cases, with enamel dials.