Your purchase has been cared for by generations of loving owners. With decades of experience in handling, protection, packing, crate design and manufacture, we give our patience, respect and professional skills to each and every item to make sure they arrive at their destination, fully protected and ready to be enjoyed for many generations to come. Below is an example of the preparations and protections given to a Long Case clock in readiness to export to the customer. Our preferred shippers PACKABLE Ltd will ensure your treasured clock is well cared for and protected on its travels.


All individual large and small items are professionally wrapped and protected with a combination of acid free tissue, soft bubble wrap, fine lined white bubble blanket, differing densities of foam forms and sheeting. We provide 360-degree protection whilst in transit. Smaller items are then strategically packed within the crate, offering full protection to themselves and all other items.


The Pendulum, being a time regulator of the clock requires special protection. It is placed on a hard protected board and soft wrapped in acid free tissue. Masking tape is used to hold in place to prevent any stress when unpacking. The Pendulum is then wrapped in soft bubble with conventional tape.


Any parts of the Hood, such as removable finials, Keys etc. are individually wrapped and labelled.

Low adhesive masking tape is applied to the glass of the hood to offer further protection whilst in transit. The hood is then replaced to the body of the clock for final wrapping.


Soft foam forms are cut to protect the front face and rear movements. Slots and spaces are cut within the foam to ensure that no pressure is placed upon any delicate parts. Pulleys are then wrapped and placed beneath the movement shelf. The movement is then fully wrapped in acid free tissue and soft bubble wrap. Masking tape is used to seal the wrapping in place to prevent force being required to unwrap.


Clock Case

With the protected hood replaced, the main case of the clock is ready to be wrapped in fine lined white bubble blanket. The fine membrane lining of the tough vinyl laminated Bubble blanket fully protects both the surface and the complete case whilst in transit.


With all parts of the long case clock wrapped it is ready to pack into the crate.

The Crate

Each crate is uniquely designed and made for each purchase. Shown is a design of long case clock with one fixed partition wall creating two individual compartments. In this example each compartment has been fully lined with polystyrene sheeting. A base layer of poly loose fill is added before placing the wrapped main body and parts into the large compartment. The wrapped clock movement is then placed within the smaller compartment.  More loose fill is added to fill all spaces followed by a top layer of polystyrene sheeting. The crate is now sealed ready to be shipped to the customer. All parts of a clock have been together for many years. We design each crate so that all parts can be safely packed and remain together whilst being shipped. The body of the crate is hardwood ply framed with ISPM15 (heat treated timber). Each layer of wrapping, lining and protection, protects against climatic moisture changes and sudden impact shock whilst in transit. Packing everything safely and securely into a single low profile crate allows quality packing and shipping costs to be kept to a minimum.