The Restoration in 1660 brought many positive changes to England. The population were delighted to welcome their Monarch, Charles II, who brought many ideas from the Continent where he had been living in exile. At the end of his Charles’s reign in 1685, the French King, Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes which had guaranteed religious toleration to French Protestants. By this folly France lost many craftsmen who came to England and they brought with them skills new to the English which improved silk weaving and upholstery, stimulated silver design, revolutionised joinery and many Huguenot’s were specialist clock-case makers as well as clockmakers. We saw for the first time the emergence in England of the cabinet maker and the specialists clock case makers. Here at Raffety we have a selection of fine early English furniture in the ‘new taste’ of woods such as patinated walnut with elaborate marquetry and olive wood of the Queen Anne and George I period, to the later mahogany which dominated the later period of the Hanoverians’, which by that time, was the most creative period in our history. The collection here relates to this period of fine craftsmanship, design and colour.