Free World Shipping

We offer free international shipping and full complimentary insurance to  North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand – please contact us if you are unsure if we cover free shipping to your country of residence.

Selected stock items may require a licence for export from the United Kingdom. Raffety will apply for any licence required on your behalf and inform you of its progress through the official channels and of any delay this may cause to the actual shipment of your goods.

For further details on the expert packing and shipping service we provide, in collaboration with our preferred shippers PACKABLE Ltd, please Click Here.

All items are fully insured door-to-door. Upon arrival at the destination address, responsibility for insurance reverts to the purchaser.

If you are involved with lengthy restoration of your property or moving home, Raffety would also be pleased to offer additionally secure storage of your purchase for a period of six months, free of charge.